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‘’ Alba has a wealth of experience to draw from and she has been more than willing to help us think  through everything from sleeping schedules, bath time and night time routine. She helped us better understand the babies need and now they are sleeping through the night. She has listened to our concerns and suggested solutions that have invariably been successful.”

Katharine O. Strunk and Brian

‘’ From the moment we met Alba, we loved her warmth, fun spirit, and confidence she could give our babies excellent care. Not only she provide top-notch caring for our babies, and teach us what we wanted to know, but we also noticed and loved how she always kept busy. If babies were resting, she was making sure bottles were washed and sterilized, organizing the nursery, and making herself useful. If  I was breastfeeding, she was preparing a bath for them, getting their swaddles ready, etc”

 Alexandria Brown and Brett Flanigan

“  Alba came to help my wife and I immediately following the birth of our first baby in January  of 2014. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and guidance were invaluable to us throughout the three weeks that she worked with us. It is clear that Alba is extraordinarily passionate about what she does and from the moment she walked in the door, brought a positive and proactive energy into our home. Her calm yet confident demeanor, cheerful attitude, and caring manner helped us get through those first weeks as new parents” 

Michele and Andy Shapiro

“ Alba was equally patient with us as new dads, as she was with our kids. Her presence in our lives made the transition to parenthood  much easier, giving us a chance to grow with our kids and learn how to be parents. She also befriended our dog Kizzie, and they became very close. This helped us and Kizzie with the transition to our new normal.” 

Jim and Kris Klever-Weis

“ A supportive Alba was there from Day 1 upon us arriving home. She instantly made an overwhelming and potentially  exhausting situation much easier to handle and also  understand. She walked us through every moment, all our questions, and took time out to explain everything. She was patient, generous, and most importantly, she cared about the job she was doing. She  not only helped us through the transition, but did it with a smile on her face and made it much easier and was a joy to be around” 

 Alexis and Doug Johnson

“ Alba taught me how to soothe my baby through his discomfort and how to help him get through whatever was troubling him. She instilled in me a sense of peace, calm , balance and confidence that no matter what was going in on with my precious baby, he and I  would figured it out and worked out together” 

  Francesca and Vandy  Fartaj
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