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Sleep Guidance

Interested in learning more about Sleep Guidance for your little one? Click here!
I prefer to use the term sleep guidance instead of sleep training for babies, toddlers, and children. The term typically used, “sleep training,” sounds and/or mostly involves a rigid method where the human being (aka the baby) does not have a say nor is respected in the process of gaining better sleep habits. Great sleep can be fostered from birth with a gentle approach.
My system, which I call SG (Sleep Guidance), is tailored based on the infant's development stage, parents' understanding of the process, and involvement on it, respect for the baby, and family dynamic.
I truly believe, and my years of experience have shown, that a gently established routine (not a rigid schedule) early on, where the infant's age is taken into consideration, can be accomplished and developed into a good sleep habits that will last for a long time, and hopefully a life time.
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