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Prenatal Yoga

The MaYoga method for pregnancy, motherhood and beyond was created by Certified Kinesiologist and Anasura yoga teacher, friend and mentor Jessica Jennings, who I’ve had the privilege to meet and be part of her Prenatal/Postnatal training to become a MaYoga Instructor.


All the knowledge shared during it resonated with me and as she said, “we are both drawn to support women who are transitioning to motherhood,” and I would add experienced mothers (aka: second/third … time moms) –“ and through the process experience our highest potential as human beings”.


As part of my ongoing desire to experience and share “ my highest potential as human being” with my current and prospect clients, I’ve embarked on another training called


Mamalates created by Pilates Instructor Wendy Foster. It is a restorative, OB/GYN endorsed birth recovery method, Pilates principles, based safe stretching exercise plus realignment, foam rolling techniques ,modified core base exercise with small props and yoga program.


Classes will soon resume and I will be posting my full schedule as it becomes available. Any inquiry, please, contact me.

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