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Newborn Care

Interested in Newborn Care? Please contact me and let's set up an appointment to chat!
Newborn Care Specialist is what I call the "New Word on Street" for the more commonly used, “Baby Nurse” or “Night Nurse." When I personally receive calls from parents looking for a baby nurse/night nurse, I shine a light on it by informing parents that I am not a registered nurse ,which the term may imply. I am a Certified Newborn Care Specialist by NCSA (Newborn Care Specialists Association), which trains and certifies any person who loves to work with newborns and new or experienced parents. As with any profession, if you want to be informed about the newest study or research on child development you have to constantly take workshops, seminars and anything baby related and that’s what I do.
One may make a distinction between what a Newborn Care Specialist does and what a Postpartum Doula does, but I personally see both professions as one. What we have in common is the love for newborns and parents. As I am certified in both professions , my experience has allowed me to easily transition from one to the other or focus more on one, depending on the parents' requests or needs. My professionalism, love and respect for the parents is equal in either role I am filling.
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