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“To breastfeed  or Not Breastfeed?" That's the question. A legitimate one that many first time or experienced mothers consider during their pregnancies. In my experience as a postpartum doula and infant care specialist, I have worked with families who choose to breastfeed exclusively, breastfeed with supplementation or occasional or regular bottle feeding, or formula feed exclusively. My approach with each family has been to support them in their infant feeding choices. There is a lot of evidence and support for exclusive breastfeeding in the mothering and health communities, however, the choice to breastfeed or bottle feed comes down to the individual family's needs, the baby's health and the mother's desire to do so. It is not my intention to bring in any agenda to my support of infant feeding. I meet my client mothers where they are in their journey, and do my best to support their plan for infant feeding, however that looks for them. 
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